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ARCH ENEMY Blasted By Fans For Photographer Dispute

ARCH ENEMY Blasted By Fans For Photographer Dispute

Arch Enemy (including manager and former front woman Angela Gossow) have been earning the ire of fans over  their response to a copyright dispute brought up by a festival photographer. 

Photographer J. Salmeron of Metal Blast Magazine took this photo of Arch Enemy front woman Alissa White-Gluz at the Fortarock festival back in June. 


The photo was then used by Thunderball Clothing (a sponsor of the band) to promote the belt White-Gluz is wearing in the photo via Instagram. Complete with a link to the company’s website. Salmeron took issue with his work being used by a third party without compensation. And requested the company either pay him his €500 fee or give €100 charity. 

Instead Thunderball claimed to Arch Enemy and their management that Salmeron was sending threatening messages to them and fans demanding money for the photo use. Arch Enemy’s management began directly messaging Salmeron which eventually lead to the band’s manager and ex-singer Angela Gossow banning Salmeron from all future shows. 


After Salmeron shared details of the incident on YouTube and photography website petapixel.com, fans have been criticizing Arch Enemy on their social media pages for supposed hypocrisy over copyright usage and artist compensation. Several people on Facebook pages where the Petapixel article has been shared have claimed they’ve been banned from Arch Enemy’s social media as well. You can view the YouTube video of J. Salmeron summarizing the incident below. As well as a link to the original petapixel.com article detailing the incident.   

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