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REVIEW: "Overtures Of Blasphemy" By DEICIDE

REVIEW: "Overtures Of Blasphemy" By DEICIDE

Death Metal/Century Media/Released Sept 14, 2018


When it comes to OG death metal Deicide is a band that must be mentioned. Despite a number of guitarist changes since the founding Hoffman brothers left in 2004, Deicide has remained one of the most consistent early death metal bands. And personally, I’ve preferred the post-Hoffman material with its increased melodic elements and upgrade in production value. As ironically sacrilegious as that sounds.

Now on their twelfth album, another guitarist change comes with Mark English replacing the renowned Jack Owen, who left to join Six Feet Under in 2016. The quality on Overtures Of Blasphemy remains high however and feels like an even stronger effort than their much applauded previous album In The Minds Of Evil.

The record continues the band’s focus on groove and increased melody found on their recent albums. There’s a greater diversity found in the track listing where there’s the blistering, blast beats and aggression of early Deicide along with songs bordering on melodeath with the accessibility of their melodies. Aiding with this increased melodic focus is an excellent performance from front man Glen Benton. Benton has always had one of the more discernible growls in death metal. But on this latest album there’s an increased musicality to it. Varying dynamics with melodies you can surprisingly hum along to. Songs like “Crawled From The Shadows” and “Consumed By Hatred” highlight the vocal melodies with the former leaning towards a blackened death metal sound and the latter almost resembling a sing-a-long with its chorus.

deicide live.jpg

Fear not old school,death metal purists. For their are blistering barn burners on this album as well. The favorite among those being “Seal The Tomb Below”. A thrashy head banger with hard charging double kicks and a sinister sounding lead guitar for its “hook”. Not to mention a tasty solo near the song’s end. Lead single “Excommunicated” is also a highlight that’s classic Deicide with wild solos and non stop aggression.

While some fans may complain about the increased melody on Overtures Of Blasphemy, it’s not as if the band has gone radio friendly. Just catchy, with riffs that stick with you and all the God defying heretics that have defined Deicide their whole career. It’s an evolution of sound that breathes new life into the band. And makes Overtures Of Blasphemy one of the best death metal records of the year.

Score: 4.5/5

Favorite Track: “Seal The Tomb Below”

Highlight Tracks: “One With Satan”, “Excommunicated”, “Anointed In Blood”