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Aug 11 Release Music Reviews

Aug 11 Release Music Reviews

"The Reign" By Hinder

hinder cover.jpg

Genre: Hard Rock/Post Grunge

I haven't listened to or looked into Hinder since my high school years when their hit single "Lips Of An Angel" made me afraid to touch a radio. That song was EVERYWHERE in 2005. They since haven't reached the same heights of popularity or changed much outside of having a different singer now. Their party rocking, neo-glam sound is still firmly intact on The Reign with the songs filled with enough ballads, alcohol, and sexual double entendres to relive the glory days of the Sunset Strip. Hinder isn't exactly a deep band and aren't trying to be musical virtuosos. With that said, even radio rock songs have to stick with you and most of these don't. There's some fun to be had but only by the most bro of bro-rock enthusiasts as Hinder is still no Motley Crue. 

Score: 2/5

"Desolation" By Motograter

motograter cover.jpg

Genre: Nu Metal/Alternative Metal

Nu Metal was my gateway into metal when I was a kid and alot of the top names from the genre I still enjoy today. However I haven't found the same enjoyment in the style as a whole. Possibly I grew out of it. Possibly there wasn't as much quality as I thought there was for a matured music fan. Whatever the reason, any band that has been so unstable in its line up as Motograter is sure to have trouble when it comes to putting out quality records. Desolation is only the second full length studio album from the band despite their beginning in 1995. It features no original members and only guitarist Matt "Nuke" Nunes from their first studio album. The result is a sadly generic alt metal record that sounds lacking in creativity, heart, and fun. All there is to hear on this record has been done before. And done better. Motogtater fans who may have been wishing for a comeback record will have to continue waiting as this effort is as devoid of joy as the album's cover.

Score: 1/5

"Poison Blood" By Poison Blood

poison blood cover.jpg

Genre: Black Metal

Took a blind chance on Poison Blood simply because they were on the Relapse Record label. And I was pleasantly surprised. The duo made up of Jenks Miller and Neil Jameson play old school, lo-fi black metal with a little death rock mixed in. Jameson's vocals recreate all the hellish anguish of black metal's first wave and the synth parts add an interesting element of atmosphere into the work. The song structures are simple and very quick delivering aggression to you in the most distilled and direct method possible. It's as much punk as it is black metal in that way. Despite it's eight tracks the record is only 18 minutes long making it an EP. But its an enjoyable ride that leaves you wanting more. Fans of the early lo-fi black metal sound should definitely give Poison Blood a shot.

Score: 3/5

Aug 18 Release Music Reviews

Aug 18 Release Music Reviews

"Dear Desolation" By Thy Art Is Murder

"Dear Desolation" By Thy Art Is Murder