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Five 2018 EP's You Should Check Out

Five 2018 EP's You Should Check Out

Extended plays are sadly an overlooked release medium in music. The in between of a single and an album has a lot of versatility to it. It allows an established artist to give fans something to tide themselves over with in between LP's or experiment with a new musical direction without the full commitment of an album. It also allows new artists a way to get a complete sound out into the world at a lower cost than a full album. The point, is big things can come in small packages. And here's five EP's that are worth lending your ear to. 

"The Hurt Will Go On" By Code Orange (Metallic Hardcore/Industrial)


Hardcore upstarts Code Orange pride themselves on being a forward thinking band. Not only musically, but in the business sense as well. The band has mulled over the idea of only releasing EP's from now on as a cost effective way to compete with the high amount of content out these days. And so far that idea has been working. Already having released their Only One Way EP back in February, the band released The Hurt Will Go On in June which holds the frantic track "3 Knives" and "The Hunt" featuring Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. And like the previous EP there's a remix song in the title track whose original version was on the band's much lauded Forever album last year. 

"Split" By Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper (Crossover Thrash/Death Metal)


Taking an old school release approach, Relapse label mates Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper joined forces to give fans a one two punch of metal in a brisk 18 minutes. The punky thrash of Iron Reagan strikes first with five blink and you'll miss em tracks with a favorite being found in "Paper Shredder". Gatecreeper then steps in with three hard charging death metal tracks that'll roll over you like a bulldozer. "Dead Inside" is the highlight from their part of the record.   

"Beautiful Ruin" By Converge (Mathcore)


Only a band like Converge could stuff four quality songs in under seven minutes. With fans still drooling over their much acclaimed album The Dusk In Us, the band gave fans even more to chew on with Beautiful Ruin. Every track on the EP is a banger but the favorite is "Melancholia" with its swagger filled groove and feedback filled ending.  

"Teeth" By Vile Ones (Mathcore)


Vile Ones features former members of the bands Oh, Sleeper and Scarlet. And this debut from the new metalcore outfit is not to be missed. Taking the fast and frantic approach to metalcore similar to Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge, Vile Ones are one of the few bands to do the style justice. Dynamic in its riffage and unrelenting in its aggression, Teeth is a hell of a first impression that breeds excitement for what this group will do in the future. 

"House Of Doom" By Candlemass (Doom Metal)


Only Black Sabbath are more synonymous with the doom genre than Candlemass. And the band's appropriately titled House Of Doom EP is a prime quality example of what the band is known for. The title track and "Flowers Of Deception" hold the epic vocals and muscular riffs that Candlemass have always prided themselves on. "Fortuneteller" switches things up with its somber acoustic delivery. And closer "Dolls On A Wall" is a heavy, instrumental riff fest. 

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