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REVIEW: "The Call Of The Void" By Break And Enter

REVIEW: "The Call Of The Void" By Break And Enter

Metalcore/Released Jan 12, 2018


While Nashville, Tennessee is known as the Mecca of country music, Break And Enter definitely prefer breakdowns over banjos. Forming in 2015, the band wasted little time in getting their music out and released the EP Welcome Home in that same year. Since then they've opened up for lauded acts like Wage War, Hundreth, and Trophy Eyes on the way to releasing their full length debut The Call Of The Void.

While a metalcore band, Break & Enter draw more from pure punk and hardcore than many of their peers putting them in the realm of bands like Comeback Kid and Stick To Your Guns. And even different from those bands B&E rarely employ melodic singing with the tracks "Sticks and Stones" and "Last Goodbye" being the only exceptions on the album. The vocals of Brock Steele walk the line of metal growl and punk shout that keep the lyrics clear and direct while remaining very aggressive. 

After the intro track, the album begins with the headbanger "Cataclysm" that keeps things purely hardcore. Following next is "Burn" which features an ear worm of chorus. The clarity of Steele's screaming vocals allow for a catchy vocal hook without the band having to perform a hard shift away from heavy instrumentation. This prevents the awkward tone shift trap that many metalcore bands fall victim too. "Torment" is in a similar vein to "Burn" featuring another catchy hook that lends itself even more to audience participation. 


The tracks "Guillotine" and "1071" feature more "bouncy" rhythms with the latter even containing a funky bass solo that provides a unique sounding break in the aggression of the track. "Spineless" is also similar to these tracks but features a cringey audio sample in its intro that isn't too well written or voice acted. However it doesn't take too much away from the musical end of the track and is the only real low point on the record. 

"Sticks And Stones" is likely to be a fan favorite with it being the one track with a big, melodically sung chorus performed by Steven Loveland of fellow Nashville band Elmyra. It's well performed, catchy, and with it being the only track of its type on the album it makes it stand out more easily than it would on an album full of sung chrouses. Closing track "Last Goodbye" also contains clean vocals and fits the role of a closing track well with the band experimenting a little more with atmosphere and melody to close the record out. It begins heavy and closes on a softer note which wasn't really tried on the earlier tracks.

The Call Of The Void is a solid metalcore record that is unique in the way that it sneaks in melody under the heavy elements. It's a much more accessible album than the sparse use of clean vocals would suggest. And feels quite familiar despite avoiding the well worn formula of heavy verse/sung chorus/breakdown. It's a fun record well worth checking out.

Score: 3.5/5

Favorite Track: "Burn"

Highlight Tracks: "Sticks And Stones", "Torment", "Guillotine"

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