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"Boycott Morality" By Pregnant Felix (Grunge/Punk Rock)

"Boycott Morality" By Pregnant Felix (Grunge/Punk Rock)

Released Oct 1, 2017


Pregnant Felix is the brainchild of Brazilian born musician Denis Kandle. Born in Rio de Janeiro and currently residing in Milan, Italy, Kandle originally formed the band way back in 1993. Some of the material found on the band's debut, Boycott Morality, dates back to that time. With parts recorded in both Rio and Milan, the process leading to the album's release was quite the labor of love. 

Musically the record sounds quite like the time period of its earliest material. There's a heavy level of Nirvana influence with the record's usage of loud/soft dynamics, catchy, punk-leaning guitar work, and Kandle's raw and raspy vocal style. Some alternative metal influence can be heard on the album's early tracks such as "Disquiet" and "Mokusatsu" which is reminiscent of a lot of Helmet's material.  

A running theme of Boycott Morality's lyrics is being true to yourself and defiant to those who think you should act otherwise. The album's cover artwork acts as a metaphor for this. The band explains on its Facebook page: 

the boy is divided over whether he remains closeted or accepts himself and becomes whoever he wants (in this case, a drag queen punk). Hence the title of the album, as if to tell him: Boycott Morality, be whoever you want, listen to your inner voice, do not mind the fingers pointed at you
— From Pregnant Felix Facebook About Section

The anti-conformity message is fitting for the strong punk streak in the album's style. Tracks like "Better Wrong Than Correct" and "Hype Noises" exemplify this with their high energy and confrontational lyricism. "Disquiet", "Mokusatsu", and "Pregnant Felix" lean more towards alternative metal. They work with slower tempos, overdriven bass lines, and a groove focus which adds a layer of variety to the album's overall style. Moments of melody are to be had as well with the slow burner "Lucky Days" which makes strong use of clean guitar tones to contrast with the distortion of the chorus. "Shiva's Saliva" is an album favorite with its catchy vocal melodies and overall mellow vibe. The clean-toned, lead guitar which is added at the song's end is a nice highlight to cap the song off. 

Boycott Morality is sure to bring out feelings of nostalgia for music fans who grew up on the alt-rock explosion of the 90's. The raw production, blending of clean and distorted guitar tones, and melodic punk stylings were common traits of the era. And Pregnant Felix does the style justice. Boycott Morality doesn't put a unique spin on the style but it makes for a fun record that is a modern throwback of sorts to classic alternative. 


Score: 3/5

Favorite Track: "Disquiet"

Highlight Tracks: "Shiva's Saliva", "Mokusatsu", "7x Flavor"

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