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"Sank For Days" by Mad Anthony (Cincinnatti, OH)/Rock/Released 2014

"Sank For Days" by Mad Anthony (Cincinnatti, OH)/Rock/Released 2014

Cincinnati Entertainment Award winners Mad Anthony have been around since 2008 and have become one of the queen city’s top bands and their most recent release “Sank for Days” shows why. Though only containing six tracks it packs a powerful punch with zero filler and never ceases to entertain.

Trademarks of the group’s sound on previous releases have been quick and upbeat tempos, catchy sing-a-long choruses, and front man Ringo Jones’ smooth, baritone vocals that resemble a cross between Danzig and a Rat Pack crooner. “Sank For Days” sees the band further experimenting with their sound exploring slower, mid-tempo melodies and more atmospheric textures while maintaining a punk rock flavor. The live recording of most of the instrumentation provides a strong live performance feel and keeps the record from feeling over produced.

The album kicks off with “The Bottom” which is laden with stoner and indie rock guitar tones and diverse tempo and mood changes throughout. Next is the albums title track which comes complete with a music video that can be seen here. This is a favorite off the album and is its most unique track. Foregoing their usual punk guitar attack, the song is held together by drummer Marc Sherlock’s percussion and more minimal guitar work, with Jones’ voice booming over the instrumentation. This more groove-centric work brings an interesting change of pace to the band’s usual work and is accomplished superbly. Another album highlight is “Turn It On” which draws its strength from its simplicity. Fast paced and catchy, the listener can’t help but sing along to  the chorus lyrics “I push myself and do it”.

All in all, “Sank For Days” is an excellent album that alternative rock and punk rock fans can enjoy. You can feel the artists’ passion for their craft throughout and their years of experience in the live scene shines through the record. Mad Anthony shows no signs of slowing down and if they keep releasing albums like this their legacy and notoriety can only grow.

Score: 5/5

Favorite Track: "Sank For Days"

For Fans Of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, Highly Suspect, Red Fang, Stoner Rock, Punk Rock

Artist Links: Website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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